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Share your family secret – anonymously – and hear stories from others about what “happy families” are really like.

Happyfamilyposts.com is a community project about family. A safe space to explore the question of how well do we ever really know the people closest to us. What secrets did you find out about your parents, siblings, extended family? Did it change you? Did it change the story you tell yourself and the story you tell others?

The reason my father reunited with my sister and I when we were still very young was not to take us on lovely vacations but because he could smuggle cocaine easier traveling as a family.

I worked for my uncles over the summers when I was a teen for “real estate projects.” I later found out they were cons where people were sold tracts of land around a huge fenced in hole in the ground with posters of pools, tennis courts and clubhouses that would never be.

My Dad faked a bike accident so he could get insurance money and retire from being a doctor. For months he pretended he had amnesia and didn’t recognize any of us. I don’t talk to him but can’t tell my kids the real reason why.

My mother was recruited for the CIA during college

My Dad found out he had another kid when she found him on Facebook. He got a girl pregnant in high school and she told him she had an abortion. She and her Mom came for Thanksgiving this year and it wasn’t nearly as weird as I thought it would be.